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Marvel Bunnies are available until May 31st ❤️

Marvel Bunnies

(They will be live in my store on May 1st until May 31st. If any sell out before the end of the month, please allow a few days for restocking.)

In spring 2021 I started making fun fanart bunnies inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, and of course Marvel :D 

After having a couple of my Marvel Bunny videos go viral on Tiktok I started to get more and more orders. Which was both so amazing and a little overwhelming! So I made the decision last year to only have the bunnies available for limited periods of time so I can enjoy them, but not let it overwhelm other art projects and events that I needed to also focus on. 

Thank you for being so supportive and patient!

Here are a couple pics of the buns to come. You may notice that Steve is looking a bit different. I decided to have a redo on him and I’m so happy with the new result :)


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