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Learning Procreate

I have been wanting to learn Procreate for quite some time but there were two obstacles:

1. I didn’t have an apple pencil & an iPad that was compatible

2. The prospect of learning Procreate seemed very daunting.

Since I have fixed the first problem (apple pencil & iPad) the next step is to break down the learning process into less overwhelming parts. So this is my journey of how to learn Procreate from the perspective of someone learning Procreate. For reference my art background is: University Art Degree, College Graphic Design Diploma & 7 years of self taught illustration experience.



Starting off I decided to play around a bit, try some of the brushes and generally just test it out. I did this with a casual ice cream cone doodle & then by tracing some of my previous watercolour illustrations & some historical pieces. Take a look through some of the other pieces that I did. My next step is going to be trying some YouTube tutorials & than using the skills I learn in those to create my own work. If you have any suggestions of tutorials that helped you please comment! Thank you for joining me in this journey & if you’re also learning Procreate I hope this can help you too.


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