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Trying Procreate Tutorials - Day 1

Now that I feel a bit more confident with the general feel of Procreate I am going to be trying out some tutorials from Youtube, TikTok, & any others that I might find.

This week I found a tutorial by Art By Melody on YouTube called Procreate Tutorial Step by Step for Beginners - Minimal Landscape Illustration. In this tutorial you are shown how to use Alpha Lock, clipping masks, brush texture shading & erasing textured shading. To do this tutorial I also needed to learn how to create a colour palette & use custom Hex codes, so I found the tutorial called Adding Custom Colors to Procreate & GoodNotes.

Below you’ll see two illustrations. The first is a minimalist landscape using Melody’s step-by-step instruction to create. Beside that is my design using Melody’s steps.

I find that doing the tutorial isn’t enough, you then need to apply what you just learned into a new illustration to make sure you understand the process & the benefits of the Procreate functions you learned.

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