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Marvel Bunnies are Back!


The Marvel Bunnies always have a soft spot in my heart, both because of my love for Marvel and because of the reception the Bunnies have gotten!

I've decided that I will be keeping a few of the crowd favourites in my shop more-or-less on an on going basis (Steve, Wanda, Loki, and Peter), but some of the characters I've decided to retire. This is mostly because I've got some changes coming in the new year and want to free up some space, but also gives me the chance to possibly bring out new characters! So after these guys are gone from my shop, they won't be returning (or at least, not anytime soon):

Bunnies that are being retired:









Some of the other bunnies like Sam, Bucky, and Thor, won't be retired but may not be in my shop on a regular basis.


I will still have the stickers in my shop too, and plan to have Thor and (a version) of Peter available in the new year! Thank you! 


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