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Trying Procreate Tutorials - Day 3

I recently started learning Procreate & the following is one step of my learning process:

Today I followed a tutorial by The Lazy Illustrator called Step by Step Procreate Tutorial | Pastel Dreamy Landscape Drawing on iPad Pro which gave the steps for a soft & graphic illustration. In this tutorial there was a lot of focus on clean lines & smooth edges so Lynn shows us early on how to make perfect shapes & lines. This tutorial also used different brushes then previous ones I’ve done, mostly having us use airbrushes with some texture. We also learn how to use the select tool to draw shapes that are contained within the layers beneath (confusing to summarize, but it makes sense in the video). This is the most complicated tutorial I’ve done so far & the one that is furthest from my usual style of illustration. But I found the new techniques to be very helpful. Make sure if you do this tutorial that you are prepared to pause & rewind the video because Lynn goes at a good pace & covers a lot of ground.

Below is the image I created using Lynn’s step-by-step tutorial & beside that is my own illustration using the techniques that she showed.


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