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Trying Procreate Tutorials - Day 2

I recently started learning Procreate & the following is one step of my learning process:

Today I followed a tutorial by Calvin at Drifter Studio called Watercolor Procreate Tutorial // Sleeping Cat Watercolor Illustration. In this tutorial Calvin shows his process for digital watercolour illustrations. I found this tutorial to be helpful for multiple reasons. The brushes & paper texture that he used (which can be purchased in his Etsy shop) are a great set of watercolour brushes. They acted very similar to how traditional watercolour acts on a page. We also learn about the selection tool & how it (with the Hue, Saturation & Brightness setting) can be used for shadows, contrast & giving an object volume. Again working with layers and being able to select areas of those layers with the selection tool made things very organized and uncomplicated.

Below I have the illustration I did based on Calvin’s tutorial & then beside it is another one I did based on those skills I learned.

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